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About Me

How I Got Started

I'm detail oriented, I like my things to be exactly the way I want them, down to the smallest detail that most people wouldn't care about. It was easier for me to make my own stuff than find what I want. My first items were made from a BioThane tracking line that I cut up. Then I realized that I enjoy making things from it, made leashes and collars for everyone I know and, after glowing feedback, decided to sell them.

My goal is to make beautiful things that last for years.

Pictures Of Tools And Materials

It was really interesting for me to learn the leathercraft. Even though BioThane isn't leather, the methods of working with it and most of the tools are the same. It's pretty easy to make nice looking stuff if you have the right tools.

Here are some of my tools

Some of my tools


Here are the BioThane rolls

BioThane rolls


Here's the hardware



Here's a glimpse into the process

Sewing BioThane


Some info about saddle stitching and why it's better than maching stitching

Saddle stitching diagram


And here's the finished product

All leashes

 Blue 6 ft leash

 Light brown 6 ft leash

 Black multifunctional leash



My Dogs And I

This is Booomchik (Russian endearing version of his name, Boomer), the dog that started this business and who's in charge of quality control around here. With his 95lbs lunging everywhere, he thoroughly tested everything that's offered for sale.

This is Booomchik


This is our newly hired addition, he's still in training

Our newly hired addition


And here's a picture of all of us together

All of us together